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Originally fitted with a Rochester Computer Controlled Carburettor which had been removed and replaced with a Holley 600 vacuum secondary, the car still retained the original E.C.U. The E.C.U now only controlled timing based on the original Temp', Tacho and Knock sensors. All other sensors and emissions equipment had been removed prior to me buying the car. With the addition of a new 0.060 over 350 I decided to keep this setup as it works very well and changed the carby for a Holley 650 Double Pumper (See Engine page). Used as a daily driver the new motor has been well and truly run in and produces excellent performance below 5200RPM. Fuel injected November 2005.

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EFI Front EFI Right
View with Air Cleaner installed. Need to work on a cold air system. Right Front - Using original Heater and Radiator hose system. Relay box can just be seen in top left.
Throttle Body Right Throttle Body Left
Left Side - Had to fabricate a throttle linkage bracket. Return spring below and behind Fuel Rail. Right Side - Throttle Position Sensor. Fuel Rail brackets can clearly be seen.
Eng Bay Left Air Filter Base
Left Front - Surge tank, high pressure pump and high pressure filter are located in left front corner of bay. Front view showing Manifold air temperature sensor mounted in air filter drop base.
Cold Air 1 Cold Air 2
Ahhhhhh... Cold air at last! I used to use this air box with the Carb'y setup. Made from fibreglass and modified to clear the HEI and front fan switch sensor, it utilises the same drop base and K&N filter and acommodates 2 4 inch air hoses. The 2 front air intakes are from a Z28 setup and fit perfectly with original under-hood fastening points. Manifold air temperatures have dropped from 130-150 Deg - F to 70-85 Deg - F.
Air Plenum1 Air Plenum2
Updated Jan' 2006: New Auto-Nomics Cold Air Plenum fitted. Although the previous Air-Box worked fine, it made things difficult to get at and encroached, somewhat, on the Hood Liner. This is a much neater setup which utilises a 4" S&B inverted cone filter located near the Surge tank. M.A.T Sensor now mounted at the rear of the Plenum. Thanks to Bruce of Auto-Nomics for machining the base to fit the standard 5 1/8" Throttle Body Ring. Still got some tidying up to do but works great. I.A.C valve also added for cold starts. Currently mounted on the Alternator Bracket but will Probably will move it in the future.
Air Plenum3 Air Plenum4


ECU and WiringFuel systemIntake ManifoldTuning And Mod's


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