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The fuel system was actually simplified by the fact that the car had factory installed 3/8inch pump-feed and 5/16inch return alloy fuel lines. All that remains is to install a non-return Holley pump, a Surge Tank to prevent any air entering the high pressure side, High Pressure Pump and Filter. This system also allows the use of a Carburetor later if needed.

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Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing The Fuel System.

SurgeTank is constructed from an old aluminium fire extinguisher and fitted with a low pressure gauge for checking any pressure build up (Holds just over 1 Litre). Left pump is a low pressure electric pump to simulate the engine mechanical pump. Next to that is the Airtex A8228 high pressure pump feeding a filter and then the fuel rail input. The system was tested to 100PSI with no leaks and no pressure in the surge tank.

Surge Tank 1 Surge Tank 2
Surge Tank shown with bracket and rubber mounts. Mounts are angled slightly for hood clearance.

Fittings - Top to bottom: Return to fuel tank. Fuel in from mechanical pump. Fuel in from high pressure regulator. Fuel out to high pressure pump.

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