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The Intake Manifold used is an old Edelbrock single plane StreetMaster purchased on eBay for $30.00us. We had to fix a large crack on the right front waterway and attach an alternator mounting at front centre. Rails are 0.5inch I/D from Ross Machine Racing. All fittings and fuel lines are Earl's -6AN. Throttle Body from Auto-Nomics. Injectors are Accel 30lb (Dimensions Here). Fuel rail mounts were made from 2mm stainless. Many thanks to Brett for the machine work and measuring. Also thanks to Jim for the welding.

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Intake Right Intake Top
RH Front - TPS is for F150 truck and can be purchased with the throttle body along with the Air Filter Adaptor Ring. Top View - Serial layout of the fuel lines can be seen clearly along with the Fuel Rail mounting plates.
Intake Left Intake Ports
LH Front - Fuel Pressure Regulator is vacuum referenced and mounted to the Intake with the feed line running behind the Water Pump. Injector Bungs - TIG welded on the inside of the runners to produce a clean look from the outside. This Intake was also planed and port matched to the gaskets used.
Intake Rear Intake Front
Rear View - Vacuum outlets for Power Brakes, PCV Valve and Fast Idle Solenoid. Front View - Added Alternator mount. Spacer plate under the Throttle body is a Power-Shot nitrous plate.
Intake TB Intake Link
Auto-Nomics Throttle Body - Should be good for 750CFM. TBI injector holes, at either end, were tapped 3/8NPT and plugged. TPS was fitted with a GM weatherpack connector. TB Linkage - This was shortened and later ground a few MM thinner in order to provide Fuel Rail clearance. The inside of the bores were massaged smooth also.
Intake Rails Intake Loom
Fuel Rails - Earls 3/8 NPT to 6AN end fittings. 0.5inch I/D Rail with 13.5mm holes machined in for the injectors. Brackets are attached by 3/16inch stainless fasteners with nylock nuts. Injector Loom/Fuel Lines - Injectors are wired in 2 banks referenced to the firing order. I.E: Bank1 - 1,8,4,3 and Bank2 - 6,5,7,2. Fuel line and fittings are all Earls.

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